Typical Projects


Residential – ranging from individual houses to large housing development schemes; single and multi-level basements; difficult ground conditions and topography; homes within critical drainage and flood risk areas.

Education – single classroom extensions to large new build schemes; single and multi-level basements; large span sports hall facilities in difficult ground conditions.

Commercial / Industrial – low rise light and heavy industrial units to high rise, grade A office developments; foundations to accommodate large, dynamic loads; multi-level basements; sensitive adjacent infrastructure.

Infrastructure – assessment of ground and structural movement impacts (Schift Solutions)

Recent Projects

Site Investigations with factual reporting

Preliminary Geotechnical and Environmental Assessments

Basement Impact Assessments in compliance with the policies of the London Boroughs

Assessment of Heave Protection Requirements for large residential housing developments

Coal Mining Risk Assessments (assessing potential risks to new development from historical mining activity)

Foundation Tender Designs (including shallow and piled foundations)

Detailed Foundation Design Checks, including 3D FEM

Basement Retaining Wall Tender Designs

Construction Sequencing (in conjunction with ground movement assessments and 2D / 3D modelling to minimise impacts from construction on adjacent structures)

Detailed Environmental Assessments (including assessment of impacts of volatile vapours)