Who are Milvum Engineering?

Milvum Engineering Services brings together an experienced team of engineering professionals providing consultancy and design services. In collaboration with our partner organisations, we offer a cost effective and responsive service, from pre-planning support and due diligence through to detailed design for building and infrastructure projects.

Geotechnical / Civil Engineering

• Site Investigation Services including Factual andInterpretative Assessments
• Basement Impact Assessments
• Ground Movement Assessments
• Geotechnical Design and Assessment Services – Foundations, Retaining Structures, Slope Remediation, Ground Improvement, etc
• Civil / Structural Design Services
• Numerical Modelling

Geotechnical & Structural Monitoring & Risk Management

Provided in partnership with Schift Solutions and NHAZCA Srl, we provide a range of cost effective and innovative remote sensing and local monitoring solutions suitable for long term baseline monitoring, dynamic analysis and real time, high precision monitoring linked to early warning systems.

Engineering Geology / Hydrogeology / Hydrology

• Logging Exploratory Holes
• Ground Modelling
• Geomorphological Mapping
• Geological Mapping
• Flood Risk Assessments
• SUDS Assessments
• Groundwater Abstraction Assessments
• Groundwater Remediation Plans
• Construction Dewatering

Environmental / Contaminated Land & Water / Remediation

• Desk Studies / Preliminary Risk Assessments
• Generic QRA / Detailed QRA
• Site Investigation, Sampling, Laboratory Analysis
• Groundwater Remediation Assessments